Canterbury Farms is a family-owned company with its primary interests in California agriculture at River Garden Farms.

At Canterbury Farms, we strive to be more than a place where food is grown. We want to lead others toward solutions to problems facing California agriculture. We believe in a cleaner planet and are optimistic about the possibilities for creating a brighter future for people, fish, birds, and the environment. We believe in supporting our community by providing good jobs, access to clean and nutritious food, protecting and enhancing the environment that we are an integral part of, and promoting education and awareness for agriculture.

Canterbury Farms seeks to explore innovative solutions to complicated problems. Through our ownership of and involvement in directing River Garden Farms, Canterbury Farms is actively involved in California water issues as well as projects involving habitat restoration and community improvement projects in the Sacramento Valley of Northern California. Canterbury Farms believes that it is better to work together to find solutions than to spend money and time in fruitless ideological battles.

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Who We Are


Les Canter


Les Canter began his career at Canterbury Farms, Inc. in 1984 and has spent the past 35 years involved in diverse fields including agriculture, energy, and real estate. Les is passionate about his efforts to find creative solutions to problems related to agriculture, water, and the environment through his management and direction of Canterbury Farms, Inc.

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Kendal Perryman


Kendal Perryman has been involved in directing and advising Canterbury Farms, Inc. since 1993. Kendal brings a practical and common-sense approach to problem solving and, through her common sense and wisdom, is instrumental in advancing the interests of Canterbury Farms, Inc.